Friday, October 7, 2011

Things to Love About Vancouver

Me in a bike helmet.  We tandem'd through Stanley Park.

A brief departure from my posts about art and design...  My husband and I were in Vancouver, British Columbia last week, and I fell in love with this modern jewel.  Just for fun, here is part of what I love about this city:

  • Windows, windows everywhere!




    Vancouver feels fresh and newly-built, and clearly the city's builders give its citizens what they want:  Lots of natural light.  All very stylized, very contemporary.

    Green atop most buildings
    • Vancouver-ites love their greenery and their pets.

    There were dogs and rooftop gardens everywhere, and cute shops to outfit both.

    • Gorgeous flowering baskets, hung from nearly every streetlight.

    The fuchsias were especially beautiful.  (We saw some of these in Seattle too.)

    • This is a walking city, and people dressed accordingly.
     I saw very few stilletos, but lots of chic boots and cute flats.  The most common women's look was snug black pants (like riding pants), a dark neutral sweater or short coat, and a scarf for color and warmth.  Plus a shoulder bag or stylish leather backpack.  They could practically jog to work and arrive looking put-together.

    • Messenger bags 

    Almost all the men carried them, from sharp businessmen to shabby slacker-types, and they were featured in virtually every clothing store we entered.   Leather, canvas, nylon... the guys here toss everything in these bags: lunch, books, umbrella, you name it.  

    • And finally:  Coffee is always brought to you in a ceramic mug and saucer, complete with sugar spoon.

      Every block had a coffee house (or two), and we were always served with real dishware - no paper goods (unless it was "to go").  I never realized how much this little detail encourages you to slow down, relax a bit, and enjoy the moment.  Ahhh...

      Hope you enjoyed the journey!

      At a lovely Chinese garden

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