Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hello, World!

Thanks to some persistent friends (you know who you are!), the blogosphere has a new member in its ever-expanding, messy world.  My name is Lisa Moon of San Antonio Murals, and I've been blessed with a unique career path - I'm a professional "decorative painter", or "faux finisher", or "mural artist" (title subject to change at any moment!).  

Unlike most artists whose work is shown in galleries, I am commissioned by interior designers and homeowners to beautify their walls directly, so my work ventures more into the interior design industry than the fine art world.  I trowel on plasters and glazes, paint skies and landscape murals, perhaps design elaborate scrollwork for some cabinet doors or apply gold leaf to a domed ceiling... square by five-inch square!  Most of my finishes are sophisticated backdrops to the client's own furnishings and artwork.  If a key ceiling or architectural feature is begging for attention, I can create something dramatic, hopefully breath-taking... and those are always the funnest projects. 

So... Welcome!  I look forward to sharing my own journey through the art and design worlds.  I'll keep it short and sweet... and discreet (I won't submit my clients to blog scrutiny without their permission).  And I'd love to hear from you too.  Conversations, in all forms, are often what enrich us most.


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